Adie Barrett

Adie Barrett – Volunteer Presenter

Adie works a long week in a buzzing office environment, and so lets off steam by playing music from the Swinging Sixties – his favourite era – while commuting. It isn’t nostalgia, for he was born during that crazy decade and discovered it as new while everyone else went crazy for Glam and Disco, through New Wave and Punk to Electronic and Metal crazy, though he has been known to indulge in something a little more modern now and again. He joined HHCR with a track record of five years at Basingstoke & North Hants’ Hospital Radio, both flying solo and co-hosting shows before work necessarily took precedence, but now he’s back on the scene, inflicting his hopefully pleasurable music choices onto the ears of HHCR listeners. We don’t know how he gets away with it.