HHCR -Basingstoke Community Radio

Advertising With Us

Advertising with HHCR, Basingstoke Community Radio.

HHCR is the home of affordable and cost effective radio advertising. In fact, your business could be on air 7 days a week, for less than a pint of beer a day.
We are the only community radio station exclusively for Basingstoke and the surrounding villages, where you – you can hear us online and on your Smart Speaker.

Also, we are a NOT FOR PROFIT station; we don’t have massive overheads or boards of directors to pay. We are here to serve the town we love.

HHCR, Basingstoke Community Radio brings you regular news updates, the latest forecasts, news of events & happenings around the town plus specialist programmes featuring performances from our local music scene.

A whole selection of organisations, including schools, charities, groups, voluntary organisations and local businesses have access to HHCR, Basingstoke Community Radio and play a part in our output.

COVID-19 Update

More people are turning on to HHCR, Basingstoke community radio. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a increase in listeners turning to us for the very latest information regarding COVID-19 – and how our community has been pulling together.

Since we launched in June 2019 we’ve been a platform to help share everything that happen in our town, with responsibility and empathy – which is needed more now than ever.

Right now, we have a concentrated audience across the town and surrounding villages who are looking for businesses just like yours. We can offer very reasonable advertising campaigns (from just £20 a week) and also free business profiles on-air as well.

Not everyone is on social media – and if they are, online platforms are getting so congested with posts that it’s harder than ever to get your message across. Radio allows you to cut through the noise.

We have put together a special #Live Local, Love Local package, designed to help businesses get in front of people in our town. This is a heavily-discounted campaign – after all, we want you to do well! We also guarantee that you will not find a better return-on-investment advertising in Basingstoke. Get in touch to find out more *Please send us an email *

Who Listens?

Anecdotally, our listeners come from a wide demographic with one thing in common – their love for the town. They will hear your message as they go about their daily lives at home, at work and in the car.

Our online listening statistics show that although the majority of our listeners are based in Basingstoke we also have an audience across the country.

The Statistics:

  • Since we launched in June 2019, we’ve seen a steady growth in listeners.
  • Average number of connections to our online stream every month: 4256
  • Each connection listens for an average of 3 hours
  • We have followers on Facebook, where we regularly post local content. This sees an average reach of 100,000 people per month.

(Stats: December 2020 )