Anne Murrill

My show is called “Monday Brunch” with Anne – start with Luther Vandross – “Never Too Much”. Every Monday 10am till 12pm

Whilst I have a background in Radio, its over 26 since I last worked in a studio. So looking forward to joining the Award Winning HHCR and being a part of the team bringing good music to the people of Basingstoke.

I was born in Basingstoke and started my radio career with Hospital Radio Basingstoke (HRB) in 1984. I also presented on Carnival Radio Basingstoke and some of the pilots for Kestrel FM. In addition, I participated in a Christmas special with 210 FM and a Sunday request show on BBC Radio Berkshire. I also had a couple of different shows on Wey Valley 102, where I had the good fortune to interview Falcon the Gladiator.

My music choices are, soul, jazz, light classical, chill-out sounds. So expect smooth sounds from me, with the occasional dip into the charts from the 50s to today.