Community Corner Show

Join Presenters Christine & Dave Every Tuesday 1pm till 3pm

Dave & Christine Presenting on Ark Day last Year.
Dave & Christine Presenting on Ark Day last Year.

If you have a question email either Dave or Christine.

Listen Again to Interviews on the Community Corner

Tuesday 10 March at 2.15pm Lindy O’Callagham volunteer for Read Easy Basingstoke. Read Easy Basingstoke Helping adults learn to read. Do You Know Someone Who Can’t Read? Read Easy Basingstoke is a complete free one-to-one service designed for adults. People can learn to read at their own pace, without pressure. It’s friendly, flexible and fun!

email: or call 07592 450789

Tuesday 3 March at 2.15pm we had Liz LePla as our Guest Speaker She talked about a Low Carb Life and how she put her Type 2 Diabetes in remission with a Low Carb lifestyle.

Picture of Liz after an amazing weight loss following the Low Carb Life

Liz is the Basingstoke Ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration.

She is passionate about empowering fellow diabetics to take preventative care of their health and explore the positive potential of a low carb diet.