We truly believe that radio can really be for everyone, no exception.
HHCR is radio made for the community, by the community – pure and simple.
Local people steer everything we do, and are involved in every possible role at the station; from technical support & audio production to scheduling & programming and everything in between.
Our volunteer pool consists of a healthy mix of experienced radio presenters & volunteers with local people just starting out.
Check out our amazing Presenters and Meet the Faces behind the Microphone!

Andrew Allen. – Volunteer Presenter.

Adrian barett. – Volunteer Presenter.

Adie works a long week in a buzzing office environment, and so lets off steam by playing music from the Swinging Sixties – his favourite era – while commuting.
It isn’t nostalgia, for he was born during that crazy decade and discovered it as new while everyone else went crazy for Glam and Disco, through New Wave and Punk to Electronic and Metal crazy, though he has been known to indulge in something a little more modern now and again. He joined HHCR with a track record of five years at Basingstoke & North Hants’ Hospital Radio, both flying solo and co-hosting shows before work necessarily took precedence, but now he’s back on the scene, inflicting his hopefully pleasurable music choices onto the ears of HHCR listeners.
We don’t know how he gets away with it.

Alex soto [The big dog]. – Charity secretary, social media co coordinator and Volunteer Presenter.

Howdy! My name is Alex Soto and I’m originally from Dallas, Texas.
I present my Big Dog show every Friday afternoon at 1 PM UK GMT. If you miss all or part of the show, it will be reloaded on Sunday evening at 7 PM UK GMT.
I wish everyone love, peace, and chicken grease!??

Christine rolley. – Charity Trustee, Station Manager and Volunteer Presenter.

David Chatten-Smith. – Chair, Founder, Program Controller and Presenter.

I started my journey in to entertainment when i was just 15, running my own mobile disco with the help of my dad to drive me to gigs.
I have worked on a number of holiday parks, Cruise ships, been a sound engineer for Walt Disney World, and been an entertainments manager in the Middle East forThe Marot group.
I’ve been interested in radio for as long as I can remember, Even recording pretend radio shows onto cassette tapes when I was younger.
I became blind in 2005 after being struck down with meningitis.
I love the power that music has to evoke memories, lift our mood on a difficult day and make us feel good instantly.
I currently present the Now that’s what i call the 80’s on a Tuesday Morning, and i am the program controller for the station.

Jayne summers. – Volunteer coffee morning helper and Volunteer Presenter.

Hi, I’m Jayne Summers. I’m relatively new to radio presenting, I’ve been trying my hand at presenting for HHCR for the past year and love to share all my favourite songs over the radio. I’ve been a volunteer with helping Hands For The Blind for about six years. I’m a mother of one son, James, and we share our home with one little dog called Bertie, Sewing, gardening and woodwork are my favourite hobbies.
My hopes and aspirations are for world peace and to continue to be happy.

John Austin. – Volunteer Presenter.

John is a newcomer to the world of community radio, but has been a presenter on HHCR since its launch. John’s favourite music is that of the 1930s and 1940s, along with old movies and radio drama shows from these times. John presents ‘Dr John’s Old Time Radio Show’ every Wednesday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Julian Thomas. – Volunteer Presenter.

Lucy Lincoln. Publicity Officer, What’s On Guide Co-ordinator and Volunteer Presenter.

I have always loved music from an early age.
I am a 90’s child and still remember recording my favourite songs from the charts onto cassette tapes and creating mix tapes when I was a kid.
I love all genres of music and studied sound engineering and music at college, It has always been my dream to work in radio and to have my own show.
I currently present the 90’s mix tape show on a Saturday at 11am.

Nick Burnett. – Charity Trustee and Volunteer Presenter.

Perry pole. – Volunteer Presenter.

My name is Perry Poole and I moved to Oakley to live with my Fiance in July 2018 so I’m quite new to the Basingstoke area.
I have a daughter, Olivia who has just returned to the UK after spending 3 years teaching English in Japan and I’m delighted to have her back in the same time zone!
She and I presented various radio programmes for Thornbury FM, where we lived before I moved here and I’m hoping that she will join me sometimes on my Tuesday afternoon programme with HHCR. My show consists of a variety of musical genres, along with lots of local news and community updates.
If you would like me to tell the listeners about something you’re keen to promote, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Tony Ridges. AKA DJ Tijeras. – Volunteer Presenter.

Hello, I’ve been Djing Latin and Salsa music for about 15 years. Got into it by accident. Nobody else wanted to be my salsa club DJ so I gave it a go.
Have been doing radio work since 2013.I have travelled the country and slightly beyond working on salsa weekends and congresses for about 12 years.
I now present The Latin Muddle on HHCR, you can catch my show at 8 pm on Wednesday evenings.

Become a Presentre.

If you are aged 14 and above, willing to spend a few hours a week with us, and interested in volunteering either on air or behind the scenes Please get in touch and send us an email *